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Welcome to Reforged

We have created a high quality Lineage II server to expand the audience of Accumulative Subclass servers internationally.

Balanced Classes

We have balanced the classes in such a way that no combination of classes is superior to the others and each player is free to use the character that he likes the most.

Events 24hs

In the course of the day many events with good prizes are activated, so that the players have guaranteed fun 24 hours a day.

Active Staff

From the Staff we believe it is important to contact our players and be available to resolve any questions or concerns, or receive complaints and / or suggestions.

No advantages

In L2 Reforged we do not give advantages to any player over the possibilities of others. Be a donor, old user or whatever. The game conditions are the same for everyone, and everyone can reach their goals!

Powerful Hosting

One of the bases of our server is to guarantee our players an experience of the highest quality, that's why we have a high level professional hosting.

Highly competitive community

Our community is used to demonstrate their skills, that is why every day they strive to be the best. If you like challenges, this is your place!

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